Customize your solution for convenience and control

DesignLive Technologies makes building lighting more sustainable, flexible, and energy-efficient. Our design and support teams provide lighting control solutions that combine proven technologies with the latest control strategies for reducing energy costs while creating a comfortable and productive environment.

With our lighting control solutions, you can specify the exact levels of performance required to meet control code requirements. Whether you need a multi-building or campus-wide networked control system, or a single conference room with multiple lighting scenes and shade control, we have the right solution. You won’t find that kind of range or flexibility elsewhere. That is “The DesignLive Technologies difference!”.

From design through installation, programming, and service of installed systems, we are there for you every step of the way.

Our solutions can include:

  • Lighting control preset “scenes” that allow one-touch control of light levels in different lighting zones throughout the house.
  • Scenes that can be controlled via conveniently located keypads, or with your tablet or smartphone.
  • An “ALL OFF” button that turns off all lights in the venue and sets a nightlight in specific areas if desired.
  • The “ENTERTAIN” button, which sets the mood, turns on music, and illuminates artwork before guests arrive.
  • An “ALL EXTERIOR” button that adds security and saves you from having to go to many different areas to turn on exterior lights.
  • The “TIME-CLOCK”, which turns on exterior lights at sunset and off at sunrise, or any preset time, and has a power failure memory.
  • “VACATION MODE” replays preset lighting events in portions of the home to create a “lived in” look.
  • Considerable energy savings through incorporating dimming, occupancy sensors, and automatic shut offs.
  • Control solutions are available for iOS and Android devices, computers, and other touch panels.